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March 4, 2017
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04-14-17 Fishing Report

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Lower Provo 436 CFS

Flows on Utah’s Lower Provo River are just about perfect for fly fishing. Just high enough to spread the fish out yet still low enough for wading and crossing if you like. Deer Creek is full so you can expect some increases in flows. Releases seem to be inching up every day. Best to check before you go. Any flows over 500 CFS and crossing gets a little hairy. The weather is also turning and we are seeing more days in the 50’s and 60’s than in the 40’s. There are still a good amount of small midges and the trout are happy to take them in the mornings and late afternoons and evenings after the BWO hatch has happened which has been between 12 and 4 pm. The BWO nymphs start moving around as early as 10am. Almost any baetis pattern in size 18-20 will work with barr emergers for nymphing being very good. Sparkle Duns and extended body Baetis for dry fly fishing. The hatches have been a little light compared to prior years and not all sections of the river have equal biomass of bugs coming off. It pays to do a little walking. If you are fishing an area and do not see any baetis by 2pm start looking. Scuds and sow bugs are still a staple bill of fare and should be part of the rig set up at most times of the day when nymphing.

Middle Provo 140-230 CFS

The Middle Provo River is fly fishing pretty good throughout its length. Flows have remained constant and the water temperature is around 40 degrees at the dam. Things should stay this way until the reservoir gets near fill. This should be around Memorial Day or so. The CUWCD is already diverting water from the Weber and Duchesne Rivers into Jordanelle so we will have to watch and see how things go. Still a lot of midges around in various sizes and colors. Mostly darker hues and small sizes 20-24.There is a little dry fly fishing early but mostly nymphing until the Blue Wing hatch starts around 12. The bulk of the hatch happens between 2-4 pm. As on the Lower Provo the hatch has been a little lighter than in years past. We have even seen a few caddis around but not enough for the fish to get excited. Couple of stoneflies showing up below River Road also. There has been quite a lot of pressure on the fish already this spring and a long 6x-7x leader and tippet is required along with a perfect presentation to make these picky fish take notice on the surface. 5x will work fine for nymphing. All rig set ups seem to be working equally well.

Weber River 200 CFS

Flows on the Weber continue to bounce around. 200CFS is right on the edge of desirable fly fishing flows. Still manageable but treacherous wading and crossing. This is way above the average for this time of year which is about 70CFS. Add to that the insect activity is still quite abysmal due to changes in flow and water temperature. A few midges, no stonefly’s yet, and a few Baetis.Hopefully things will change in the next week or two. Fly fishing is average to good with midges, scuds and sowbugs. The bright spot is that the trout have seemed to come out of their dormant stage and almost all fish landed recently have been Browns and rainbows. I guess the whitefish needed to relax a while, after all, they kept us happy on the Weber almost all winter.

Small Creeks, streams and tailwaters around Park City, Utah

Some of our smaller lower elevation streams are starting to wake up with the warm weather and a change in flows on most of them. Upper Provo is already starting its runoff cycle and will fluctuate quite a bit. They are also dumping in water from the Duchesne and Weber Rivers to help fill up Jordanelle Reservoir. Look for Baetis, stoneflies, and midges. This is the time of year you really need to check the flows of the rivers you are heading to. We have the links on our related links page that will keep you up to date on releases. Flows can change drastically in a matter of hours depending on weather or water demand.

A good spring fly box:

Dry flies
Griffiths gnat
BWO Thorax dun
zebra midges
Sparkle dun
Parachute adams
San Juan
Extended body BWO
flashback scuds
Befus emerger
Ray Charles
Black gnat
Biot midges
Morgan’s midge
Pheasant tails
Para midge
BWO barr
I can see it midge
Thread midges
Peacock Stimis
Dark wired stone

Hope to see you on the water

Park City Anglers

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