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04-14-17 Fishing Report
April 14, 2017
5-22- 17 Fishing Report
May 22, 2017
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05-08- 17 Fishing Report

Shane weber brown

05-08- 17

Lower Provo 500 CFS

These are good flows for fly fishing on the Lower Provo River. That’s the good news, bad news is don’t expect them to last long. We are getting to that time of year where you will see the beginning of the June Sucker releases. There should be a few bumps in flows this May and then look for a significant ramp up for the end of May and June. We may see flows of 1400CFS or more for short periods of time in June. Anything over 900CFS makes fly fishing difficult. Best advice for this time of year after a wet winter is to check the flows before going out. If the flows have increased more than 20% the fish will need at least 36hrs to relocate in the river before they start feeding and fly fishing settles in again. Fly fishing has remained good with the midges and baetis still being the predominate hatches. The baetis are starting to taper off and should be all but gone in the next 2 weeks. Still some fish up for dry fly fishing in the afternoons. You need to look for them mostly on the edges, slower seams and slower runs. They respond to very delicate presentations but are not to leader shy and a 9’ 5x leader is a good place to start. It is very important to adjust your leader length for the wind conditions so your fly turns over and lands softly on the water. You can get very close to them also as they are not moving out of their feeding lanes. Size 20 sparkle duns, bwo Befus, and extended body bwo are the go to dry flies. Midge patterns have been good throughout the day as have been scuds and sow bugs also.

Middle Provo 650-730 CFS 42 Deg.

Flows on the Middle Provo River are starting to rise as Jordanelle Reservoir is about 85% full and there is still a heck of a lot of water up at the headwaters of the Provo. We still have about 44 inches of snow water equivalent (SWE) that needs to come down from the Provo Basin. This is about 200% of average for this date. That covers an incredible amount of area. The Duchesne Basin still has huge amounts of water also and they are already diverting water through the Duchesne Tunnel and water from the Weber Basin through the canal. Bottom line is how fast that amount of water comes down. If it gets really hot and it all comes at once flows could be near flood stage. Best case, a few hot days, a few cools ones and so on. We can’t emphasize enough on the importance of checking flows this time of year to plan where you are going to fly fish. When fly fishing the Middle you need to check several different stations to see where the best flows are. The Middle Provo can be effectively fished at almost any release level. We have the links on our related links page. The Mother’s Day Caddis are starting to show up. There are good numbers around Legacy Bridge and then they taper off a little as you go upstream. As long as they keep the water temperature above 41 degrees they should stay pretty consistent. Below that and things will slow down. Caddis hatches are not quite as sensitive to flow changes as other bugs. These are pretty good size bugs and you can use a size 16 dry fly. Nymphing we are having good luck with caddis poopah in rust and olive. Still good midges around most of the day and a few blue wings left. I don’t know about you but I am sick of little dinky flies, but you got to give them what they want. Keep your midge box in the vest and make sure to restock it with some #22 grey, green, black Wd-40’s and thread midges. San Juan’s work well as flows ramp up. Good patterns include: zebra midges, thread midges, bwo barr, RS2, wd-40, PT’s, Caddis poopah, Mercury Baetis, Ray Charles, dark wired stone, bwo thorax dun, sparkle duns, elk hair caddis, headlight caddis, e-z caddis, San Juan

Weber River (Rockport to Echo) 130CFS

Flows on the Weber River are at very nice levels for fly fishing. Rockport Reservoir is only about 50% full at present so hopefully these flows will hang around for a while. They are diverting most of the Upper Weber water to Jordanelle. When the CUWCD decides to fill Rockport it will go fast as it is a small reservoir. Once again keep your eyes on the flows. Anything over 200 CFS and it gets tough to fly fish. The best part is the Weber has come alive and fly fishing is very good. The water is off color but don’t let that bother you. Excellent midge hatches in the morning and the Mother’s Day Caddis are making a very strong showing at least 7 days early. These caddis are small and almost black in color. Sizes #18-#20 are the most prominent. You can start nymphing very early in the day as there are plenty of midges and caddis around. Get ready for this, dry fly fishing starts around 2:30-3 and will continue into the evening. The main bulk of the hatch happens in the warmer afternoon sun. Around 2pm things really get going. If you have never seen one of these hatches it’s worth the trip just to watch. The hatches will go in waves that last anywhere from 10- 20 mins. The daily hatch will last another 10 days or so. The trout are in great shape after what had to be some tough conditions this winter for them with the very low water levels. They are strong beasts and will rip your line off the reel with some great acrobatics – get ready. Use 4x tippet for nymphing and 5x has worked well for dry fly fishing but you will still snap some off. Leader length does not seem to be an issue Good patterns: zebra midges, thread midges, caddis poopah, pheasant tails, WD 40,copper johns, scuds, sow bugs goddard caddis, headlight caddis, web wing caddis, elk hair caddis, x-caddis

Smaller streams, creeks and tailwaters around Park City, Utah.

This is about the same as the last report. The smaller tailwaters are running high to make room in the reservoirs for the incredible snowpack we have. Most of the littler creeks and streams are still inaccessible or running quite high like the Upper Provo and South Fork which are officially rippn’. Flows will be changing dramatically in the next few weeks so always check. We will update this report when needed. The biggest wild card in the next few weeks is how fast the runoff progresses. As the blue wings taper off and we go into the spring transition period there may be some rough sledding ahead. If you have any questions about particular areas on these rivers please call and we will give you detailed information. Be careful out there. Keep children a safe distance from river and have them wear life jackets. Always wear your belt this time of year. It’s the one piece of equipment that may save you if you go down.

Hope to see you on the water

Park City Anglers

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