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08-11-16 Fly Fishing Report



08-11- 16

Lower Provo 500-700+ CFS

Well not much has changed on Utah’s Lower Provo River in the last month as far as conditions and fly selection. . But we thought we would update all the same. Water levels have been bouncing around between 500-680 CFS lately .It pays to check the trend before you go. The fish are pretty used to it. But it still takes a while for them to get with the program when the trend is up. Still good Pmd’s during the day with the later afternoon hatch being a little stronger. Evening caddis fly fishing is very good. Be ready to have some very hot fish take your fly after 6pm. The Pmd’s go till dark also. We have been starting to see a few craneflys around and fly fishing the banks with big stimis has brought up some good size fish. All the same bill of fare summer flys are working, barr emergers, all hunchbacks, split case, scuds, san juans, green wienies, graphic caddis,poopahs and even some midge patterns and some baetis, like the mercury baetis .Dry flies include stimis, elk hair caddis, x-caddis, Hemingway caddis, Pmd Befus, parachute Pmd, and Pmd cripple. Fly fishing below pine run you will run into a larger grass problem and it seems to be growing inches a day. Still lots of rafters but weekdays are not bad. Weekends are still to be avoided until well into September.

Middle Provo 310-475 CFS

The Middle Provo has been hit hard this summer and now we are seeing the effects. The larger fish have had enough and are only feeding early and late in the day. The feeding lanes are very narrow and you have to nail the current seams to pick up fish nymphing. You need to bring your “A“game and make sure everything is perfect. Good leaders, top notch flys, deadly accurate presentations and award winning drifts. Mornings are slow after 8am and things start to pick up around 11am when a light PMD hatch comes on. Dry fly fishing is still pretty decent in the afternoons with Pmd and caddis patterns. The caddis on the middle this year have been kind of a disappointment. There are some but not the blizzard hatches we have seen in prior years. We are just starting to get looks on the terrestrials. But they should become more prominent as the summer PMD hatches are waning. It is still good caddis dry fly fishing early and late. As you get below legacy fishing drops off as water temperatures rise. Still get some white fish that stay more active in the warmer water. Things should pick up again when they drop the water the first week of September and things start to cool. Barr emergers, Pmd poxyback, san juans, z-caddis, copper johns in assorted colors, brassies, Ray Charles, and midges for nymphing. Dry fly fishing with stimis, hoppers, small ants, orange beetles, Pmd’s and caddis patterns. The web wing caddis and Pmd cripple has worked especially well. Streamer fishing in the evenings has been good with clousers.

Weber 175 CFS

For the most part the Weber has been fishing pretty well. Especially in the afternoons. You get a little hot streak starting at 12 for an hour or so. Average Pmd hatches, and starting to see a rise in the amount of caddis. Very good dry fly fishing at times which is a bonus on the Weber. Good number of fish slurping in the back eddies and frog water on caddis and PMD’s. We have seen some very high quality fish being landed. In fact almost all the fish look extremely healthy given the low water they endured in the winter and spring. Grass is becoming an issue in a lot of spots but if you fish the channels between the weeds you will be rewarded. Flatten your barbs and have at it. Flies for the Weber- PT’s, barrs, hunchbacks, copper johns, feeding caddis, caddis pupa, Pmd cripple, stimulators, PMX’s, Hoppers, ants, beetles etc., etc.

Small Creeks, streams, Lakes and tailwaters near Park City, Utah

Most of our small freestone creeks as well as tailwaters like Soldier Creek and Currant Creek are at very low levels with high water temperatures as you get away from the dams. Be very careful when you handle the fish under these conditions. Fight the fish as short as possible, do not take it out of the net or water to remove the hook. Make sure the gills have water going over them at all times and make sure it is fully revived before release. If you like to go up to higher elevations to escape the heat in the valley to fish, try fly fishing one of the many Uinta lakes. Water temps stay relatively cool and fly fishing is good. A little hike in off Hwy 150 and you will be surprised how nice things are. Dry Dropper is the way to go with any attractor- stimulators, royal wulff, humpy’s, and a bead head nymph of choice. Stripping small streamers off the shores of the lakes has been very productive. Weather conditions can change rapidly so bring extra gear.

Hope to see you on the water

Park City Anglers

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