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05-08- 17 Fishing Report
May 8, 2017
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7-7-17 Fishing Report
July 7, 2017
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5-22- 17 Fishing Report


5-22- 17

Lower Provo, Middle Provo, Weber River & Small streams near Park City, UT

The runoff is in full swing on almost all of our rivers and streams. Flows are all over the map for our major fly fishing rivers. Flows are almost changing on a daily basis with changes in temperature and water diversion. This has the potential to last for over a month as there is still a lot of water in them thar hills. We are still at about 200% of average snowpack up at Trail Lake and 180% of average in the Weber- Ogden Basin. Deer Creek Reservoir is about 3ft. from full and the CUWCD is using the spillway as regulation of the water which is to say there is no regulation. Whatever comes in is what’s going out. Inflows from Jordanelle and Snake Creek are about 1200 CFS and Daniels Creek is putting in another 50- 75CFS. Flows have been anywhere from 950-1850 CFS at Provo. The upper end is bankfull and near flood stage. Pretty much make no attempt to fly fish at these levels unless you are a Black Diamond fly fisher or a Midwest steelheader with a chucknduck rig. Better to wait until you see flows get back below 1000CFS. Middle Provo is fishable at about 1100CFS but there are very limited spots and very limited bug activity. Still a few blue wings around. Best to use Streamers and San Juan worms. Jordanelle Reservoir is only 10ft from full, and is slowly filling depending on ambient temperature and again water diversion from the Duchesne and Weber Rivers. Once it is full, flows will have to increase. Weber has been bouncing around to. It is at its long tem average now of 200CFS but was at about 400CFS a few days ago. It should go higher depending on how water is being diverted to the Provo and how fast they fill up Rockport. The reservoir currently about 80% full with inflows at about 670CFS.This is about the upper limit of desirable fly fishing. Much above this and forgettaboutit. Smaller streams are running high to. Although 6 th water and Diamond Fork seem to be coming down. Please be extremely careful around the rivers at this time, especially with children and pets. Water temperatures are in the low 40’s which doesn’t give you much chance if you get swept. Keep checking flows from time to time. You never know when things will change. They are going to divert water to wherever it can be stored. Whenever the flows drop it will create some great opportunities for some good fly fishing. Current weather patterns of a few cool days and some warm ones should make the runoff be quite orderly with minimal flooding but it will take some time.

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