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Fishing Report 4-22-16
April 22, 2016
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June 30, 2016
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Fishing Report 6-1-16

why we go out


Lower Provo 385CFS

Utah’s Lower Provo has been fly fishing very well despite the inconsistent flows. Good news is it’s been lower highs and lower lows for the most part. The water is very clear and very cold. Things should start to stabilize a little in the coming weeks as the summer time water requirements kick in. Looks like the beginning of summer fly fishing with temperatures on the upswing and a big warm up this week. We are already seeing the start of the PMD’s and the Stoneflys will not be far behind. The Pmd nymphs are starting to move around at about 10:30am and the fish are taking notice. We all know how much fish love those PMD nymphs, like trout candy. For the most part we are still in the midges, sow bugs and, San Juan stage in the mornings. Especially for the cooler mornings start out with this trio. Around 11:30 the PMD’S start hatching till mid-afternoon. At about 3pm things slow up. As we get more into June fly fishing should start to get more consistent throughout the day and it won’t really matter when you hit the river. For now the PMD’S are small about #20. As the flows have come down the fish have started to spread out over the river and fly fishing different speed waters have all been successful. This is the official start of the rafting season and weekends will be getting crowded. It will take a week or so for thetrout to get used to the rafters but after a short period the rafts don’t bother them much. The cold water should at least keep the tubers at bay for a while.


Middle Provo 190-300 CFS 43 Degrees

The Middle Provo is starting to come out of the transition period and is fly fishing quite well over its whole length. There are still some caddis in the lower reaches and still some BWO’s in the upper reaches in the afternoon. A good number of fish up in the afternoons above the diversion. As soon as things really warm up we should see PMD’s starting on the middle. The x-factor on the Middle Provo is when they will warm the water up. As soon as the CUWCD decides to bring the water up to 49 degrees things will really start happening. They have raised the temperatures as soon as June 15 and as late as July 8. The last 4 or 5 years on average it’s been the last week of June. As soon as that happens look for the Green Drakes and Stonefly’s to pop and the PMD’s to really come on strong. It’s hard to predict what they will do with the flows this summer. If we have a very warm summer you can expect a lot of water to be diverted for irrigation and the flows above the diversion will be high, and below quite low. Check so you can fly fish the water flows you feel most comfortable in. Scuds and midges are working quite well all through the day. The beavers have been hard at work around cottonwood and below legacy so expect to lose a lot of flies on wood especially if you fly fish with nymphs in the slacker water. Thanks to Dave Tall and the volunteers from TU chapter high country fly fishers for putting up fencing to protect some of the old cottonwoods, especially around the cottonwood bridge area.

Weber River 100CFS

These are great flows to fly fish the Weber at. Easy to get around and high enough that the fish are spread out. Day time fishing has been best in medium speed water inside faster current lines. Looks like the trout have come out of the very low winter flows just fine. They are all very healthy and hard fighting. Still a few caddis around in selected runs in the midafternoons. A few blue wings around also. Very small midges are getting the best fish. Evening fishing after 5pm has been very good especially in the pools. Colors of black and red have been very effective. Haven’t had much luck with PMD mayfly imitations but with the onset of warmer weather it should be just around the corner.

Small Streams, creeks and tailwaters around Park City, UT

We are going to get some very warm weather this week and that should just about tap out the runoff for the unregulated waters. Be very careful as these streams are going to come up fast and the water is very cold. The Upper Provo is already rippin’ with diversions from the Duchesne tunnel and then adding ¾ of the water from the Weber below Francis to try and fill Jordanelle Reservoir. The warmer upper elevation temperatures should turn things on for the tailwaters such as Soldier Creek and Current Creek. South Fork of the Ogden is coming down right on the averages and we should start looking for some Salmonflys in the next week or so along with a nice caddis hatch. Diamond Fork has had some moments. For the most part it’s best to fish these waters with a dry dropper and cover a lot different speed water.

Your fly Box

Nymphs                                                   Dry’s

Pt’s                                                        Elk hair caddis

Copper Johns                                          x- Caddis

Bwo Barr                                                  BWO Para

PMD Barr                                               Befus PMD

Split back                                                Para midge

JuJu midge                                                Stimis

JuJu Baetis                                             Pmd cripple

Biot midges                                                   PA’s

Wd-40’s                                                    Sofa pillow

Wired stones

San Juan

Ray Charles

Hope to see you on the Water,

Park City Anglers

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