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Fishing Reports

Utah fly fishing report for the Provo River, Weber River and other small creeks and streams around Park City, Utah.


Lower Provo 150CFS

Utah’s Lower Provo River is not quite down to winter levels but should be there soon. That is about 100CFS. There will be some small fluctuations as they change flows on the Aqueduct, but we don’t see anything drastic. The weather has been pretty darn nice for October. Fishing has been fair to good. The moss and weeds have been a pain in the neck. They are starting to break up a little and should been on their way out with a good couple of more freezes. Fish are starting to key on the winter staples. Scuds, sow bugs, Midges and leeches. There are good blue wings around mid-day but they should be coming to a close in November. Midge hatches are going along quite nicely and will become better as things cool down. The browns are just starting to get in the mood and streamers are a good option.

Middle Provo 130-150CFS

The Middle is still fishing very well. Good midge hatches most of the day with a good dose of blue wings mid-day. Lots of fish up starting around 11am and going till almost 3pm. Nymphing has been very good with a variety of patterns. Midges, blue wings, searching patterns such as pt’s and sow bugs. Most of the rising fish are in slack water such as inside corners or where there is a large current break from a boulder or log. It is very helpful to carry two rods, one dry and one nymph rig. You can cover an area with the dry and then cover it again with the nymph. Always use the dry or dry dropper first. The Pseudo’s are very small this year and you need a #22 or #24 to be effective. The Midges are even smaller than that and you need a thread midge to imitate the pupa and a very slender tied dry fly for the adults. For dry fly fishing you need a minimum of 6x and if you can handle 7x use it. The trout are being very selective and you may only get a couple out of a spot and you will have to move on or wait about 15min for them to get back with the program. Streamers have had their moments. The Pre spawn is starting to happen so start looking where you wade. Bigger fish are starting to move into the riffles and gravel bars which are traditional standing and crossing areas. Don’t spook a giant just because they aren’t there in the summer.

Weber River 27CFS

The Weber River is at very low levels which makes it hard to fish. The pools have been pretty good but the fish are spooky and you may only get a couple out of an area. A lot of the traditional areas that would hold fish this time of year have very low flows or are dry adding to the problem. We will see what transpires as far as the spawn. Many of the traditional redds may not be able to be used. This may have some consequences to the population down the road a little. Last year we had the same scenario and the fishing this year was marginal at best. One year does not make a trend but let’s keep our fingers crossed.
Top Producers:

Drys: BWO befus, Sparkle Dun, BWO thorax, Blue dun, black gnat, tricos, para midge, parachute adams, griffith’s gnat

Nymphs: thread midges, zebra midges, wd-40’s, ray charles, glo bugs, san juans, Pt’s, hare’s ear, bwo barr, RS2

Small Creeks, Streams, and tailwaters near Park City Utah

Most of our high mountain streams are really slowing down for the winter, See you next spring.

Hope to see you on the water,

Park City Anglers

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