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Fishing Reports

Utah fly fishing report for the Provo River, Weber River and other small creeks and streams around Park City, Utah.


Lower Provo 100 CFS
Thing’s on Utah’s Lower Provo River seem more like late October than middle of December but we will take it. With almost record breaking temperatures for this time of year fly fishing has held up very well. But the earth does tilt and the days are getting very short. The winter solstice is just around the corner and once we enter that late December, January, and the first half of February time period activity will slow way down no matter what the weather is. You could still have very good fly fishing but it will be only for a short window each day. Usually the warmest part of the day. Never the less the fly fishing on the Lower Provo is quite good. The flows have been very constant at around 100 cfs and the water clarity is very good. We still have some moss to deal with but it has started to break up a little and should be gone in the next couple of weeks or so. Smashing your barbs is a huge help even on the smallest of flies. The spawn is still going strong so watch where you wade. The browns should be wrapping up their business in about two weeks. The midges have started to get a little more consistent each day with the warm weather and there are still a few blue wings around. Mid-day there are a few fish up feeding on the adults and also on midge pupa in the surface film The rainbows are gorging themselves on eggs and they can be found in the pools downstream of the beds. The adult midges are very small and almost impossible to see if it is overcast at all. Use a long 6x tippet with a very delicate presentation to work these fish. Time to discard the bounce rig and go with the swing for nymphing in most water types. You can get away with shorter leaders and 3x or 4x tippet too. Fishing is better in the afternoon after Provo Canyon has had time to warm up. With the sun so low in the sky the river does not see any sun until after 11 am. As the moss breaks up there will be a lot of scuds and sowbugs in the drift. They are a major source of protein for the trout in winter and you should carry a large variety is sizes and color.

Middle Provo 125- 160 CFS
Fly fishing on Utah’s Middle Provo has stayed good. Decent midge hatches are around most of the day .Nymphing has been pretty consistent throughout the day with good dry fly fishing in the flats by early afternoon. A 3wt. rod should be part of your dry fly fishing arsenal. This is a great level for the Middle Provo to be fished at. The fish are still spread out but will start to move to the pools as winter really sets in. Biot midges and thread midges in various colors are working extremely well. A dry dropper rig with a CDC midge adult as a dry and a glass bead biot midge as a dropper in the surface film has been killer. Ray Charles scuds in the 18-20 size range should be on your nymph rig along with any tiny midge of choice. A swing rig is working maybe even a little better than the bounce rig. If you get sick of your hands going numb changing size 22 flies, try throwing a streamer. It’s been fun. The crowds are starting to thin out a little but any day over 45 degrees in the Heber Valley brings them right back out .Try fly fishing near Charleston with some san juan’s if you can’t stand fighting for water. A fair amount of stockers have come out of Deer Creek Reservoir. Wading above highway 40 is slick to say the least. If you have studs use them. Close to the dam it’s downright dangerous


Weber River 30 CFS
The Weber River is very low, but that has been the MO for the last few years at this time. It’s been fly fishing inconsistently. Some days good some not so much. The fish have been very spooky and you must approach the river with stealth. The fish are already hanging out in the winter pools but will come into the riffles during the warmest part of a 45 degree or above day. Standard bill of fare flies are working, Midges, PT’s, searching patterns, scuds, sowbugs, and streamers. When using streamers go with a very slow strip and almost drag it along the bottom. Once real winter sets in the Weber forms ice shelves. At this point you should no longer try to fly fish between Rockport and Echo reservoirs as it becomes quite dangerous.

As we go into winter we will update the fishing report only as needed. The fly list below should get you well into February. Remember as the water cools below 40 degrees the trout’s metabolism slows down and they will move into the deeper, slower holes to conserve energy. You need to put your flies right in front of their face. Think small- smaller flies, lighter tippet, and smaller indicators. Make sure to check the weather and try to fish on a steady or rising barometer. As our winter storms move in and the barometer drops the fly fishing will slow down dramatically. Also check the solunar calendar for the best times of day to fly fish. We have access to unbelievable winter fisheries. Just make sure you adjust to the conditions. It doesn’t seem quite so cold on the river when you are having a successful day.

Top Producers:
Nymphs                                                Drys
black beauties (#20-24)                         parachute adams (#18-24)
zebra midges (red, black, wine)           Sparkle duns        (#20-22)                             
Bwo Barrs emerger                                 blue duns (#20)
Disco midges                                            female adams
Wd 40’s                                                    Morgan’s midge
Ray Charles (#16-20)                              black gnat
Flash back Scuds (#14-22)                    Griffith’s gnat
Biot Midge                                               Para midge
Jujubee Midge                                         thorax dun
Glo bugs
Thread midges

Hope to see you on the water,

Park City Anglers

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