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Fishing Reports

Utah fly fishing report for the Provo River, Weber River and other small creeks and streams around Park City, Utah.


Lower Provo 200-425CFS             
The Lower Provo flows are still bouncing around depending on weather and usage. Flows should start to recede and stable out as September progresses. The water has remained remarkably clear and cold for this time of year. Usually we are seeing that silt grey color with warm temperatures. The grass growth has also remained in check. As the flows change the grass gets dislodged. At the lower end of the range it is still tough to fish the channels between the weeds. But once it gets about 350CFS it’s not too bad. We are heading into that transition time of year. There are still some PMD’s and caddis but they are getting more sporadic. We will have to wait for the Psuedo’s to get some real consistent fly fishing back. If we have a warm September maybe the terrestrial fly fishing will hold us over. Not counting on it though. It hasn’t been very good so far. Hard to work the banks on the lower when the water flows are up. May just have to rely on the staples- scuds and sow bugs. At least the rubber hatch is tapering also.

Middle Provo 400-500CFS
Fly fishing on the Middle has been some work at times. But the beauty of the colors changing and wildlife moving around makes it a special time of year. We are also heading into that fall transition mode for fly fishing on the Middle Provo. Some sections still have good PMD’s and caddis, some don’t. There have been good midge hatches in the morning and we have been getting a lot of eats on #22-#24 winter midge patterns. Go old school, Pt’s, zebras, wd-40, and brassie. A few of the Psuedo’s are showing up and nymphing has been good with just a little dry fly fishing thrown in.The normal play book is to lower the flows on Sept. 1 to about 250CFS. That has not happened yet.  When that does happen usually things get better. Keep a check on the flows on our links page. Once we get to lower flows you can still fish the banks with hoppers and the dry fly mayfly fishing should pick up. There has been some good afternoons above cottonwood in the flats on the dry. Hope they lower the water soon. With the cool August and start to September fly fishing has remained decent all the way to Charleston.

Weber River 150CFS      
The Weber has been lowered to a very nice fishing level. Unfortunately that hasn’t helped things much. It has exposed a lot of the weeds and made things pretty difficult it those spots. This should be prime time hopper fishing on the weber but even the last cutting of the hay fields has not stirred the big browns into action. Its wait and see.  Still some caddis around and a few Pmd’s. Afternoons and evenings have been the best still.

Small Streams, creeks and tailwaters around Park City, Utah
With the cool weather things have stayed pretty decent. Beaver ponds around 8k feet have been especially active. Those cutthroat know what is coming. They need to eat while you can .Flows on the Upper Provo are at really nice levels right now at about a 100 cfs or so. Still seeing some late caddis but a good freeze may end all that. Can still get the job done with stimis and caddis with a dropper of choice.

Remember all Strawberry River tributaries are closed to fly fishing till the 2nd Saturday of October. Check the guide book for other closures on our links page.

Hope to see you on the water,

Park City Anglers

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