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July 7, 2017
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08-01-17 Utah fly fishing report

08-01- 17
Lower Provo 400 CFS
Flows on the Lower Provo River are bouncing around a little bit but they are still in that sweet range of 250 – 500 CFS. Water is very clear and everything is looking fine. Fly fishing is pretty good though out the day. Plenty of midges, Pmd’s, caddis and a few stoneflies. The fish are not as picky as you would think this time of year. Trout are spread out in all kinds of water. Gravel flats, pools, riffles, runs, drop offs, banks and back eddies behind boulders especially. Pretty standard nymph flies are working quite well. Barr emergers, caddis olive poopah, hunchbacks, split cases, assorted midges, and of course sow bugs and scuds when things get slow. There are three sizes of Pmd’s, a #16 that is pretty beefy, a #18 that is a normal looking PMD, and a #20 that is almost a blue wing color. Caddis hatches and stonefly egg laying in the afternoon are pretty good but the fish like those PMD’s much better. Evenings have been quite good dry fly fishing with assorted caddis patterns. Z-wing, elk hair, and headlight to name a few.5x tippet will do the trick. Rafters are thick especially on weekends but it does not affect the nymph fishing that much. Just depends if it affects you. It does affect the dry fly fishing and fish are only rising for flies early in the morning before the rafters are coming down and after they are done at the end of the day. Been a pretty good spinner fall too but you need a long light leader and a fast action rod so you don’t bust them off.

Middle Provo 350- 500 CFS 50 degrees
Flows on the Middle Provo River are a little high but are very fishable at almost all turnouts. Wow!! Is all that can be said about the pressure that has been put on the fish on the Middle Provo this summer. These fish are not getting a break. They start getting casted to at around 6:30 in the morning and it goes nonstop till dark. The cracks are starting to show. Feeding lanes are really starting to tighten up and you are not going to be able to tie on your busted ass beat up pheasant tail , hare’s ear or WD 40 and get a fish. For the fly tier’s out there put in that extra step and make the fly look a little more technical. Those who don’t tie get out your $100 bills and go to the fly shop and get the best they have. These fish have seen it all. Think outside the box. Drown some small dry flies or cripples on a nymph rig. You will be surprised. Get something like a magic fly, mayhem Pmd, loopwing Pmd, Brooks sprout, or Pmd thorax emerger for Pmd’s. Change flies constantly. Caddis are little more forgiving and a rusty caddis poopah has been good along with copper johns, free living caddis or caddis larva patterns. PMD’s have been kind of a mid-day event with good hatches going until 3pm. Plenty of different caddis out there and you just need to change patterns and sizes to see what they like that day. What works today is not necessarily what will work tomorrow. Nice evening dry fly and streamer fishing if you can find good water. The crowd factor has been about 11 on a 10 scale. We should have peaked out though and things should begin to taper off a little through August. Let’s all try a little golden rule.

Weber River 80 CFS (Rockport to Echo)
Don’t know what they are thinking on the Weber flows. First they are too high and now to low. If they would have left the flows at the 30 year average everyone would have been happy. The Weber could have absorbed a lot of the pressure from the Middle Provo but nooo! Good news is hopper season is almost upon us and the banks have really been under cut. Good stuff. If you go to the weber there is still excellant fly fishing to be had just plan on busting off a lot of flies on hang ups. Hopefully the powers that be will come around and put the flows between 120 and 180 CFS.

Small streams, Lakes, tailwaters and Creeks near Park City, Utah.
This is a great time to get up in the mountains and fish the small streams and lakes to escape the heat in the valley. Most of our smaller waters have come down to nice dry dropper levels. Use a good mix of stonefly, caddis, stimis and Pmd imitations. They are still messing with the flows on some of the smaller tailwaters so check the USGS or CUWCD flows before you go. If you have any questions about specific waters please call us.
Hope to see you on the water,
Park City Anglers

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