08-01-17 Utah fly fishing report
August 1, 2017
10-26-17 Utah Fly Fishing Report
October 30, 2017
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08-28-17 Utah fly fishing report

8-28- 17
Lower Provo 380-500 CFS. 60 Deg.
The change of seasons is starting to be felt in the air. Mornings are quite cool in the mid to upper 40’s . Even some of the first color is starting to show on some of the trees. Afternoons are still getting up to the mid to high 80’s which seems like any other summer day. Changes are happening none the less. Our summer hatches are starting to wane a bit. There are still some days with strong PMD’s but that will not last for long. Caddis are still good early morning to mid- morning and evenings but there are less and less every day. Midges are still a good fly fishing option most of the day as are sow bugs. The flows are at a very good level but you can expect them to drop at least a couple hundred CFS during the month of September. We are still at 85% of capacity, which is very good for this time of year. We are starting to see the water go off color a little from the silt being stirred up by currents in Deer Creek Reservoir. This is a normal thing this time of year and doesn’t affect the fishing too much. What it does do is warm the water up just enough to make the grasses grow at an unbelievable rate per day. The farther downstream the more the darker water can soak up the sun. That is going to be a hassle in the coming weeks. This is the time of year to bring all your fly boxes with you. You never know what they will take. Try fly fishing with flies that have sat in your box for years. You will need hoppers, stimis, Pmd’s, midges, caddis, sow bugs, scuds, and a good number of searching patterns. Change flies often and change sizes too. Sometimes they will take a #20 Pmd and 20 minutes later they want a #16.
Dry Fly: Elk hair caddis, royal stimulators, foam hoppers, e-z caddis, web wing caddis, Pmd befus, Pmd cripple, Nymphs: Caddis poopah (tan and olive), rockworm caddis, free living caddis, barrs emerger, crystal hunchback, split case, mayhem, pheasant tails, zebra midges, ju ju midges. Olive scuds, grey scuds (14- 18), Ray Charles.

Middle Provo 150-300 CFS. 50 Deg.
Middle Provo River has taken the brunt of the fly fishing pressure this summer and it shows. Fish are picky as they can be. No more fishing with one fly the whole day. Even the 8”er’s are refusing flies. You need to bring your A-game for presentations and have everything looking perfect. New leaders, new flies, lengthen that tippet a foot more than usual and move you indicator around till you find the right recipe. Adding or subtracting a weight on a nymph rig can make all the difference. Dry fly presentation also has to be perfect. As on the Lower, the hatches are starting to lighten up. The Pmd’s are all but gone on the lower reaches of the river. Still some good hatches on the upper sections. Mostly after 1pm. Caddis are also around in the upper reaches still. You might just see some of our big fall caddis around, there are a few. Use size 12-14. We are headed into that transition time of year. The fish have become very opportunistic. At any given time if the presentation is excellent you will get them to take almost any reasonable fly. Small technical flies have produced some very good fish. You also need to change flies and sizes constantly so bring along a bunch of them. All your boxes, just like the Lower, and don’t be afraid to try something different. Hoppers have been a little of a disappointment so far but have still worked. The water below the diversion has been bouncing around a bit which is strange. It has had the effect of slowing fly fishing up a bit at the bunny farm and below. By the time you get to Legacy things are steady flows again. The water that far down gets quite warm in the afternoon and the fishing slows down because of it. Mornings are decent. It’s going to be hard to predict what they are going to do with the flows in September. The normal play book is to lower flows the first week after Labor Day. They may lower them a little but there is still a good amount of water in Jordanelle Reservoir. The reservoir is still at 87% of capacity. They will still have to draw down some before winter and we may see some times of higher flows. Check the flows before you go out on our links page.

Weber River (Rockport to Echo) 85-90CFS
They have raised the Weber from the dreadfully low levels up to about 85CFS. This is still a little low but it helped the fly fishing tremendously. You still need to nymph the pools but the runs, and riffles are fishing well with hopper dropper or Caddis dropper. Any good beadhead seems to be working well. Cover a lot of water. Put a couple of good casts into a holding area and then move on. Most areas you walk right up the middle of the river and cast. Best areas are the banks, undercuts and drop offs. Even the small drop offs of just 8-10 inches will hold a lot of fish. With Rockport at 102% and Echo Reservoir below 50% of capacity you think they could get the flows up to 120CFS at least or above and then it would really be game on. For comparison, average flows for this time of year should be 200CFS. They must have something in mind.

Small Streams, creeks and tailwaters around Park City, Utah
Even with the cool morning weather things have stayed pretty decent. Beaver ponds around 8k-9k feet have been especially active. Those cutthroat know what is coming. They need to eat while they can. Flows on the Upper Provo are at really nice levels right now at around 80-100 or so. Still seeing some late caddis but a good freeze may end all that. You can still get the job done with stimis, hoppers and caddis with a dropper of choice. Remember all Strawberry River tributaries are going to be closed to fly fishing from September 1 till the 2nd Saturday of October. Check the guide book for other closures on our links page.

Hope to see you on the water,
Park City Anglers

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