06-03-20 Utah Fly Fishing Report
June 4, 2020
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10-16-20 Utah Fly Fishing Report

Flows on the Provo River and Weber River have been slowing working their way towards winter flows. The Lower Provo and the Weber are at winter levels the Middle Provo still needs to come down a bit. Fly fishing should remain average to good though out the fall and winter months. Best times of day will be during the warmest daytime temperatures from mid-morning through late afternoon. Fall and winter bill of fare is small midges, scuds, sow bugs, BWO, san juans, and streamers. As we get into winter the fish will move into the deeper pools where they can control their body temperature. The lower the water temperature the more you will have to place flys directly in front of fish as their metabolism slows. The shorter the days get the less time the trout will be active. Dry fly fishing will remain good at the warmest part of the day most of the winter with small midge and BWO patterns for smaller fish. Trail a small midge nymph with frogs fanny in the surface film during midge hatches. Use a 3 wt. rod and size 20-24 flys for good presentation with 6x tippet. Nymphing is best with 5x leader and a 2 fly standard rig on a 5 wt. rod. If you would like updates on specific areas please call, or email us.
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