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October 1, 2019
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06-03-20 Utah Fly Fishing Report


Provo and Weber Rivers 200-1000 cfs

We have just reached our peak runoff on most rivers. Flows should start to drop pretty significantly in the next week. There may be still a little tinkering with flows as things progress so it is always good to check before you go out. Most rivers are still at levels you cannot cross so be very careful until they reach lower flows. The CUWCD may still do some June Sucker releases on the Lower Provo so keep an eye on that. Deer Creek Reservoir is also at capacity so they may start using the spillway. That warms the water temperature up fast as they are skimming the water off the surface too as well as releases from the dam. This could also be the case for Rockport Dam as it reaches compromise. As flows drop and river temperatures get closer to that magic 50 degree mark all types of insects will be become prolific. This is the time of year you need to carry almost all your fly boxes. There are still some baetis and midges around. We should start to see PMD’s, several species of Stoneflys, Green Drakes, caddis, and Salmonflys on the rivers that support them, all in the next month or so. Terrestrials will also come into play sooner than usual with our warmer than normal temperatures. We have already seen a good amount of ants and beatles. Scuds, streamers and San Juan worms are good too if the water is a little off color. Until we reach summer flow stability best areas are hard current seams, pocket water and edges. Many of our smaller streams and lower elevation ones are already at summer levels and are an excellent choices too. Places like Sixth Water, Diamond fork and the South Fork of the Ogden for example. Remember that some of our cutthroat streams are closed until the second Saturday of July. Please consult the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources Guidebook for those areas.

Hope to see you on the water 

Park City Anglers

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