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August 29, 2017
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10-26-17 Utah Fly Fishing Report


Lower Provo 100 CFS
Fly fishing on the Lower Provo River has been good to very good. Flows have come down close to the winter levels. The fish have begun to seek out the deeper pools after the shadows hit the river in the late afternoon and stay there till the sun hits the water in the morning. Because of the steep canyon walls this is fairly late in the morning for most of the river. Once the sun hits they will begin to move onto the shallower areas. We are having good BWO hatches in the afternoon. Most of the fish that are surface feeding are small to average in size. This is the time of year the rainbows really load up on scuds and sow bugs. You will see them feeding in the weeds along the edges and weed beds in the slower water. They will actually eat the weeds to get the sow bugs that are attached. We have seen fish with their throat full of weeds. This year the weeds are not as bad as in years past because of the overall lower temperature of the water but they are still a hassle. Smashing your barbs will help tremendously. Try to fish the channels in the weeds for these nice size bows. We helped the DWR do a fish count on the Lower Provo last week. If you fish the Lower regularly you already know that there are a lot of very healthy fish in all size ranges up to 20”.There were also a huge number of sculpins in each section we did sampling which explains why streamer fishing has been very good. Midge hatches are still good even on the coldest of mornings.

Middle Provo 150 CFS
The Middle Provo has been fishing very good with all types of rigs. Dry fly fishing with caddis and blue wings in the afternoons has been great. Streamer fishing has been awesome almost all through the day. We have been using small streamers about 4-6” below the surface. About 2” of zonker strips tied to a hook is about all you need. Sow bugs have worked well along with small thread midges on a nymph rig. Flows should stay at these levels for most of the winter. These are very nice levels as you can fly fish up a run or riffle by walking up the middle of the stream. As on the Lower you will find most of the fish in the deeper pools in the morning and them some of them will move onto shallower areas when the Blue Wings start. Pocket water has been especially rewarding. Things slow down for a while around 3pm and then there is a little action at dusk .These conditions should continue until late November when the days start getting really short.

Weber River 92 CFS
The Weber has also been fly fishing very well. Good BWO’s in the afternoon with even some dry fly fishing along the slower edge eddies. Because of the large number of sowbugs on the Weber these fish are also starting to load up on them. Nymphing is still the most effective way to fish but we have had good fishing with dry dropper too. This is also the time of year that Senor’ Blanco takes a back seat and the big browns get aggressive on the fly’s. They may drop the Weber flows even more which will make it very tough. Much below 80CFS and it gets dicey. There was a recent algae bloom in Rockport reservoir but the water that is being released is still very clear and has not impacted the fishing. Rockport is still quite full so hopefully these flows will remain through the brown spawn in November.

Small Creeks, Streams, and tailwaters near Park City Utah
Most of our high mountain streams are starting to slow down for the winter, See you next spring.


Hope to see you on the water,
Park City Anglers

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