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December 14, 2017
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3-12-18 Utah Fly Fishing Report

03-12- 18

Lower Provo 100CFS
The Lower Provo is flowing at around 100cfs which is still at the winter flow average. Water is running very clear and they have Deer Creek Reservoir full which is nice. We are just starting to see some baetis show up in the afternoons and the fish are definitely on them. The hatch is pretty short right now but should get stronger and longer in duration in the next few weeks. Midges, scuds and sow bugs are still the go to before and after the baetis. The sizes of sow bugs that are working pretty well are from #14- #20. With the larger sizes actually working a little better. Some of the fish are starting to come out of the deeper spots and move onto the gravel in the afternoons. The fish over 16” are still residing in the spots that are over 3’ deep.

Middle Provo 130-170 CFS
The Middle Provo is running clear and cold with water temperatures at the dam around 37 degrees. The
water flows have been bouncing around at the River Road gage station, but it doesn’t seem to have
affected fly fishing to much. We are seeing good midge hatches midday with a lot of fish up between
11:30am and 2pm. These fish are very picky do the fact they are feeding on all stages of the life cycle
and then some. Each day you have to figure out exactly what they like. This can be very frustrating but
you just have to experiment. Samples have shown that they are feeding on larva, pupa, adults, cripples,
and shucks. Then throw in the fact that there are midges hatching in size range from #18 -#24 and you
got a lot of choices to make and a lot of flies to try. Fishing a dry with a pupa or shuck imitation trailing
in the surface film has been about the most consistent way to get eats. We have seen just a few baetis
around but the fish are not taking notice yet. This will change in the next few weeks as the midges taper
off and the blue wings will become the dominate food source. Fly fishing seems to get better the farther
down you get from the dam as the water temperatures rise.

Weber River 80-100 CFS (Rockport to Echo)
The Weber is also running very clear and is at good levels for fly fishing. Unfortunately not much has
changed on the Weber and we are still in winter mode and nymphing is the only game available. Small
midges and scuds are about the best you can do. Fish are still in the deeper pools and you need to
basically hit them on the head with the fly. If you are not getting any hits experiment with adding or
subtracting weights. We should start to see some more midge sizes and blue wings show up soon.

Small streams and creeks near Park City, Utah
Our smaller streams are just starting to wake up and the ones that are accessible have been fishing the
best on warm sunny, calm days.

Your Fly box
Nymphs: thread midges, WD40, juju midge, mother shucker, Biot midges, zebra midge, bwo Barr,
Pheasant tails, Ray Charles, rainbow sow bugs, big horn.
Dry’s: para midge, Stillborn midge, smokejumper midge, sprout midge, defenseless midge, PA, para
Bwo, Bwo thorax dun, Sparkle dun, Loop wing BWO

Hope to see you on the water,
Park City Anglers

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