April 11, 2019
7-9-2019 Utah Fly Fishing Report
July 9, 2019
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4-30-2019 Utah Fly Fishing Report


Prove, Weber Rivers and Local Streams – Flows variable
The name of the game for the foreseeable future is to check the flows before you go. All sections of the Provo, Weber Rivers and our small streams will be seeing significant runoff for the next month or longer. That is not to say the fishing is going to be bad. When they bump the flows the fish need to relocate in the river and that usually takes about 24hrs. A good guide for a wet year is to use the 20% rule. If they up the flows 20% or more let that section sit for a while before you fly fish it. If they drop the flows if does not affect the fly fishing very much. Jordanelle Reservoir is going to take close to a month to fill so most likely the Middle Section will be your best long term bet. They are already diverting a lot of water from the Weber and Duchesne watersheds to the Provo. The CUCWD may have to raise flows early to accommodate the runoff so they don’t have to do a huge release when the Reservoir gets close to compromise. We are also going to have deal to with the federally mandated June Sucker releases on the Lower Provo. A wet year release could see flows as high as 1800CFS. Rockport and Echo Reservoirs fill very fast as they are quite small so the Weber will have to have some high flows soon. Already where the Ogden and Weber Rivers join the flows are 87% of flood stage. We are still at 160%+ of snowpack in
most watersheds. We need to hope for an orderly warmup, not to fast not to slow. We are also in that transition time of year and the fish are very opportunistic. There is not one dominant hatch. BWO’s are tapering off. There are still a good number of midges around and some stoneflies and caddis are starting to show up. When the water goes up or becomes off color a good choice is a San Juan, larger scud and sow bug patterns or streamers. Bring a lot of flies with you and try some things you would not normally use, you might be pleasantly surprised. Be extremely careful wading. One slip and you are going to take a ride in some very cold water.

Your fly box

Nymphs Drys

Mercury Baetis

Black Beauties (#20-24)

Dark Wired Stone

Bwo Barrs Emerger

Wd 40’s (grey, olive)

Ray Charles (#14-20)

Flash back Scuds (#14-22)

Furimsky Feeding Caddis

P- Tails

San Juans

Hare’s Ear

Thread Midges

Prince Nymphs




Parachute Adams (#18-24)

Sparkle Duns (#18-20)

Blue Duns (#22)

Morgan’s Midge (#22)

CDC Baetis

Griffith’s Gnat (#20-22)

Para Midge (#22)

BWO Thorax

Elk Hair Caddis


E-Z Caddis


Hope to see you on the water,
Park City Anglers

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