11-30-2018 Utah Fly Fishing Report
December 3, 2018
April 11, 2019
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3-25-2019 Utah Fly Fishing Report


Lower Provo 100 CFS

Spring is here, so the calendar says, but we still have some brash weather days left in the quiver. Get out when the getting is good. Fly fishing on Utah’s Lower Provo has been very good. Flows on the Lower are a little less than we like this time of year but you can make due. Midges and mayflies are out and the trout have begun to move out of their winter holes to take advantage. Fish are sipping on the midges along drop-offs, in runs, riffles, and back eddies. The insects are quite small and you need a good supply of #20-24’s in larva, pupa, adults, and cripples. We have seen rising fish starting around 9am but nymphing has been more productive in the morning with more consistent dry fly fishing starting around 11.  Our first mayflies of the year are out, the blue wings olives. They have been starting a little later in the day around 1pm or soon after and going sometimes till 4pm. They are not consistent yet (mostly weather related) but there are days when they are thick on certain sections. The trout have been quite picky and a good 6x or even 7x is required on your dry fly rig. Nymphing you can use 5x on a standard two fly rig. Things should pick up considerably in the next week or two and the hatch should get stronger over the length of the river and start earlier as well. The trout are feeding pretty much on all stages of the mayflies so also carry a good assortment in your box. Sizes #18-20 will get the job done here. Remember that the midges like the warm, clear, calm days and the mayflies are more available to the trout on the overcast cooler days. Sow bugs and scuds are a year around staple on the Lower and these are very good choices when things get slow. The crowd factor is right up there as everyone likes to fly fish the Lower before rafting season which hopefully may be delayed a little this year. That water is going to be cold. Deer Creek is about 7ft. from full so it will be a while before they bump the flows. But it is always good to check before you go out this time of year.


Middle Provo 140-230 CFS, 37 deg.

The middle has been fishing pretty well lately. The midges are hatching very consistently with sizes from #18-#24 being represented. Mostly black in color. Nymphing is still the most productive in the deep pools where the larger fish are still in their winter haunts. The slicks and tailouts where most of the midges hatch, has produced some good dry fly fishing for smaller fish in the mid-day.  Long, straight 6x or 7x leaders are required. There is still snow in most spots but spending a little extra energy to walk away from the parking areas has been very rewarding. Bring a good selection of dry and wet flies and change up often if the trout give you the cold shoulder. The baetis nymphs are starting to move around so bring some BWO’s with you. Spending some time observing where the fish are feeding in the water column is very important. If you add too much weight to your nymph rig and the flies get below the fish you are in for a tough day. Also use the smallest indicator you can. Start with a lightly weighted rig and add shot till you get results. On our guide trips we have been setting up two rigs for each guest, a nymph rig, and a dry dropper. This way you can cover a lot of water and be ready for any opportunity.  Good results have been with the dropper in the surface film to 4 inches below. We will start to get some good runoff but it will take a while to fill Jordanelle Reservoir. We are just above a normal year as runoff is concerned at the Hailstone gage.

Weber River 25 CFS

The Weber has been running very low for most of the winter. It makes fishing tough to say the least. The trout are starting to wake up though and have been starting to move up onto the shallower runs on the warmer days from the deeper spots they have been surviving in all winter. With the water this low they are very spooky. The browns especially are in very good shape considering the conditions they have been in for 6 months

Dry Flys: parachute adams, para midge, hanging midge, Griffiths gnat, BWO thorax, ext body BWO. Para BWO, Sparkle Dun, befus emerger,  

Nymphs: BWO Barr Emerger, pheasant tail, wd-40’s, Juju baetis, Jujubee midge, zebra midge, glass bead midge, Mother Shucker, thread midges, biot midges, pure midge larva, soft hackles, Rs-2, san juan, ray charles, flashback scuds, sow bugs

Streamers: Light colored buggers, mini zonkers

Hope to see you on the water,
Park City Anglers

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