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May 1, 2018
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6-14-18 Utah Fly Fishing Report

Lower Provo 500 CFS 48 degrees
Utah’s Lower Provo River is fly fishing very well. We are starting to see the emergence of our summer
bugs. Not a lot right now but enough to let you know the good stuff is coming. The flows have resided
after the June Sucker releases to almost that perfect fly fishing levels. Still, check the flows before you go
out. They will be micromanaging the flows this year to try and control algae blooms in Utah Lake. The
water is just clear enough and at a level, you can sight fish pretty effectively. We are seeing the start of
Pmd’s and little yellow stoneflies in the afternoons on the warmest days. There are also a few small
caddis around. We are getting some good takes on stonefly nymphs is the size 14 as well as PMD
patterns in a #16 and #18. Also, a few goldens below Vivian. As usual start your day out with midges, sow
bugs, scuds and San Juan’s. Not a lot of dry fly fishing opportunities right now but that should change in
the near future. The trout are pretty spread out in the river so fish a lot of different types of water. You
will find the stoneflies in the faster runs and riffles and the Pmd’s in more moderate and slower water.
The most productive water seems to be moderately fast and 2-3 feet deep. Rafting is really starting to
ramp up so weekends are a little crazy. Weekdays are still tolerable.

Middle Provo 500- 630 CFS 41 degrees
Flows are good for fly fishing on the Middle Provo. A little high for crossing but still very fishable. Flows
should start to come down soon as inflows from Hailstone are already down to under 180 CFS and
dropping fast. The problem is the water temperature is too low for the bugs to start poppin’. We need
about 49 degrees out of the Jordanelle Dam to get things going. There is still average to good fly fishing
with small midges, scuds and sow bugs. As soon as the water temperature comes up we should get it all
at once, golden stones, yellow sallies, PMD’s, and green drakes. We may have to wait a few weeks for
that to happen. The CUWCD will be watching water quality very closely this year and try to keep the
water in Deer Creek cool so there isn’t a major algae bloom. Compounding the problem is we have
already had a very warm start to the summer season.

Weber River 237 CFS
The Weber is still in a transition mode and water flows are a little high for good access. Although these
are average flows for this time of year. We still see some good days but they are more the exception
than the rule. Standard searching patterns seem to work the best. PT’s, Hare’s ear, rainbow warrior,
Prince Nymph, etc. We have seen a few PMD’s but it should take a week or so for them to really get
going, Dry fly fishing is a pretty slow. But we have had a little luck with PA’s, caddis and stimis.

Small Creeks, streams and tailwaters around Park City, UT
Strawberry Pinnacles, Current Creek, Below Soldier Creek Dam, South Fork Ogden, Diamond Fork,
Sixth water, North Fork Duchesne
Runoff flows are starting to drop quite rapidly on upper elevation streams and is already down on mid
and lower elevations and that means good stuff for our small streams. The Upper Provo was an

exception where the flows were being held artificially high by inflows from the Duchesne Tunnel and
Weber- Provo diversion. The good news is Jordanelle Reservoir is filled up with the help from these flow
diversions. The Upper Provo is now also starting to come down fast. Start looking for Pmd’s, Caddis, and
Stonefly’s.Caddis in sizes #16 to #20 are already very strong on the South Fork of the Ogden. Also look
for Salmonflys in the rivers that support them. Green Drakes should appear sooner on some these
waters than the large tailwaters above. Hopper patterns are very good at imitating stones is these
streams. When these rivers reach dry dropper levels it is usually game on. As always check the flows
before you head to a specific stream to fly fish. Remember that the Strawberry River tributaries are
closed till the second Saturday of July.

Your fly box

Nymphs Drys

Pmd barr

Crystal Hunchback

Two tone hunch


Hare’s ear

Prince nymph

Wired stones

Copper johns

Soft hackle stones

WD 40

Furminsky feeding caddis

Sow bugs

San Juan






Elk hair Caddis

x – caddis

Befus emergers

Para PMD


Sofa Pillows


Hope to see you on the water,
Park City Anglers

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