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March 13, 2018
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June 14, 2018
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5-1-18 Utah Fly Fishing Report

Lower Provo 320 CFS
Currently the Lower Provo River is at ideal flows but it is at that time of year where flows will change day
to day if not hour to hour. Deer Creek Reservoir is at capacity and flows will be adjusted as needed and a
lot of years they will use the spillway which will change things hourly. Always check flows before you
head out. 250-550 CFS is what you should look for until the June sucker releases start. If flows go up be
wary, flows go down you are good to go. We still have very good midge hatches most of the day with
good blue wings mid-day. The blue wings will start to taper soon and then we will start to enter the pre
summer transition period. No hatch will be dominate but there will be a little of everything. Midges,
blue wings, stoneflys, and caddis. All rig styles are working about equally as well depending on the depth
of the water you are fly fishing. Dry or dry dropper in up to a foot of water, standard straight line nymph
rig up to 3 ft. of water and deep nymph or Tullis bounce rig over 3 ft. The fish are already spread out
pretty good so keep your eyes open. Some very shallow riffles are already holding some large fish. Don’t
charge across without throwing a few casts.

Middle Provo 150- 221 CFS 40 degrees
The middle is also at very good flows and that too will be changing a lot as water is diverted to flood the
fields this month. Keep your eyes on the flows for at least the next 60 days. Blue wings are already
starting to taper off. There are still some good pockets of afternoon dry fly fishing. Look for areas that go
from a run to a pool. There are still good midges and a good number of skwala stoneflies around. The
presence of this many stoneflies speaks volumes on how healthy our fishery is. Some caddis are just
starting to show up also. The Middle is pretty much in transition mode already. Pressure on the Middle
Provo has been heavy most of this year due to the light winter snowpack in the Heber Valley. These fish
are picky. 6x or 7x for dry fly fishing and if you are only landing dinks, you should take some time and
make your rig perfect. Minimal knots on your leader, no old crappy flies, and most of all perfect
presentations, no matter if you are dry fly or nymphing. If you like to walk, getting away from the
parking areas helps a whole lot.

Weber River 25 CFS
Can’t really say what’s going on with the Weber River. These flows are at ridiculously low levels for this
time of year. Rockport Reservoir is at capacity so these flows can’t last long even though they are
diverting a bunch of water to the Provo. Fly fishing is very tough to say the least. The fish are just
hunkered down waiting for a change. Let’s hope it happens soon before the Mother’s Day caddis begin
which could be any time now with the seasonal warmer weather. Look for flows around 70-100 CFS for
things to really happen. If you must go, nymphing in the deepest pools will yield some white fish. There
are good blue wings, midges and stoneflys but no fish are moving on them, bang ‘em on the head with
the fly is the best option.

Small Creeks, rivers, streams, and tailwaters near Park City, Utah
Our smaller rivers are starting to wake up just in time for the runoff. Lower elevation ones are alright
but anything unregulated or above 8K ft. you should check flows. These waters can be very dangerous
this time of year. Look for midges, stoneflys, and caddis.

Your fly box
Drys: para midge, Stillborn midge, smokejumper midge, sprout midge, defenseless midge, PA, para Bwo,
Bwo thorax dun, Sparkle dun, Loop wing BWO, peacock PMX, bullet head skwala, orange or tan
Schroeder’s para hopper, stimi, x-caddis, black elk hair caddis
Nymphs: thread midges, WD40, juju midge, Biot midges, zebra midge, bwo Barr emerger, mercury
baetis, BWO mayhem, Dark wired stone, 20 incher, Pheasant tails, brassie, Ray Charles, rainbow sow
bugs, big horn.

Hope to see you on the water,
Park City Anglers

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