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7-9-2019 Utah Fly Fishing Report


Lower Provo <700 CFS
Well, it looks like our runoff cycle is finally coming to a close for the year. It ran about a month longer than we thought it would because of cooler weather. Now things should just keep getting better and better for fly fishing on the Lower. PMD’s are already out and the fishing is good. Water is still a little high to attempt crossings but we should be able to in about a week. Keep using those midges, scuds and sow bugs in the morning and then switch to mayfly patterns about noon. We have seen a few stoneflys
but the fish are not really on the patterns yet. Rafting is going to pick up significantly as the water drops, so be prepared to be patient, especially on weekends. We need the water temperatures to come up a few more degrees for things to really pop. It’s that time of year to cover all the bases in your fly box. Midges, mayfly’s, stonefly’s, caddis, scuds, and san juan’s. You will also need to have several flys of each stage of each insect’s life cycle.
Nymphs- zebra midges, Barr emergers, hunchbacks, pmd soft hackle, sow bugs, caddis Larva (rockworm caddis), buckskin caddis, copper johns, Pheasant tails, graphic caddis, brassie, caddis poopah, san juan
Dry’s- Pmd Befus, parachute pmd, stimulators, elk hair caddis, Pearl elk hair, web wing caddis, e/c caddis

Middle Provo 500- 650CFS and heading down a little
Jordanelle is full but the inflows at Hailstone are coming down fast. We should be at average summer flows within a week or so. The game-changer for fly fishing on the Middle is that they raised the temperature of the water they release on July 1 to 49 degrees. That’s the perfect temperature for the
fish to be active and also the perfect temp for the hatches to get going. Starting to see a few pmd’s, stoneflys, caddis and drakes. I would expect in the near future we will see all the hatches in good numbers. It will also bring out the summer crowds. A lot of folks stayed away from the river during the runoff cycle and are itching to fish. Taking a little walk away from the lots is always rewarding.
Nymphs– barr emergers, hunchbacks, Mitchell’s split case, pheasant tails, san juans, Ray Charles, caddis poopah, Caddis larva, 20 incher, dark wired stone, poxy back drake
Dry’s- Stimulators, elk hair caddis, comparadun, parachute pmd, Sparkle dun pmd, PMX’s, parachute hopper, Profile Drake, webwing Drake

Weber River ~200CFS
The Weber is at good levels for fly fishing. They have been using the Rockport spillway to release water, which unfortunately artificially raises the water temperature by skimming the warm water off the surface of the reservoir. Water temperatures have been as high as 61 degrees which really, really slows down the Brown Trout fishing but the whitefish have been happy as can be. This should not last too long as the water gets below the spillway they will start using the bottom penstocks for releases again and cool the water down. All hatches you see on the Middle Provo will also be on the Weber, except the Drakes.

Small Streams, Creeks and Tailwaters around Park City, UT
Our small streams and creeks are all getting close to fishable levels now and most are already fly fishing very well. Check the flows before you head out. These are great streams to take in to escape the heat in the valley. Most of these areas fish the best with a dry dropper set up. Look for Pmd’s, caddis, stoneflies and Drakes.

Hope to see you on the water 

Park City Anglers

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