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May 12, 2014
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Fishing Report 07-01-14

Fishing Report 07-01-14


Lower Provo 300-400 CFS

The summer fly fishing on Utah’s Lower Provo is in full swing. The flows are going to bounce around some as Deer Creek Reservoir is being used for water usage and flows will match demand. Jordanelle is going to be for water storage and flows should remain fairly constant. We are getting very good PMD, stonefly and still great midge hatches. This time of year the trout really key in on the PMD’s. They just love those things. Almost any PMD pattern will work. It’s more on matching the size than the color or profile which makes things very easy. We do have a couple of different sizes though. The predominate one is a beefy size 16. Imitations should have a very heavy body when tying or big wing case to make them match. There is also a more slender size 18. Barr Emergers, hunchbacks, epoxy wingcase PMD, spring creek PMDs, and Trina’s bubbleback match the nymphs very well. Dry fly fishing imitations include Befus PMD, Cripple PMD, and para Pmd, again all with a fairly thick body.You will see the smaller Pmd’s start a little earlier than the bigger ones. All are going by about noon. Stones get going a little later but the trout will take wired stones, soft hackle stones, and iron sallies about an hour before emergence. Fly fishing is good in all types of water. Especially the fast pocket water and deeper pools. Other flies to try are the staples, sow bugs, scuds, very small midge patterns, and San Juan’s especially in the morning before the mayfly and stonefly hatches. You will see the PMD’s go late into the afternoon. A few caddis are starting to show up and will become stronger especially in the evening as we get deeper into July. Rafting is becoming an issue on most days and if you don’t like that kind of experience weekends should be avoided at the least. It is quite amusing though and we have already done our share of rescues.

Middle Provo 140-300 CFS

The Middle Provo is also fly fishing very well for most of its length. That will change for the lower reaches as the summer high temperatures kick in. The water below about mile 8 will get too warm to keep the fish real active. Flows should remain very constant for the summer as mentioned above. You will still have fairly good mornings but things will start to slow down around 1pm. We have kind of a multi river personality thing going on as the hatches work their way up the River. We have a lot of hatches going on but they are not in all sections of the river. You have to follow them around. To date we have PMD’s, Stoneflies, Green Drakes, midges, and a few caddis, all taking fish on different sections of the river. Keep your eyes open and fly fish what your area has to offer. This kind a fly fishing is very rewarding when you figure things out. Carry a couple of fly boxes with a variety of flies. For Nymph PMD’s-barr emergers, hunchbacks, poxy wingcase, glassy-eyed Pmd. For Golden stones and sallies- Jumbo John, iron sallies, double bead golden, 20 incher, copperback stone, wired stones. Midges-WD 40’s, juju midges. For Green Drake dries- profile green drake, foam body green drake. CDC winged emerger, Cripple drake. Crowds are at a 7 which will stay this way most of the summer. Practice the golden rule.

Weber 175CFS.

Weber is also fly fishing very well as the flows are at about perfect levels. We are seeing good nymphing with a variety of flies. Nothing fancy, searching patterns mostly, PT’s, hare’s ear, prince nymphs, and barr emergers. Starting to see some caddis show up also and the fish have been taking feeding caddis patterns, green wienies, and pupa patterns. The Weber is a great place to go on weekends when the Provo is overcrowded. They have reposted a lot of the walk in access property along the weber and you need a walk in access license to use these properties. You can get one for free on the DNR website license page. The same area you get your standard fishing licenses.

Small Streams, Creeks and Tailwaters around Park City, UT

Our small streams and creeks are all at fishable levels now and are fly fishing very well. These are great streams to take in to escape the heat in the valley. Most of these areas fish the best with a dry dropper set up. Look for Pmd’s, caddis, stoneflies and Drakes.


Hope to see you on the water,

Park City Anglers

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