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July 1, 2014
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Fishing Report 08-01-14

Fishing Report 08-01-14


Lower Provo 300-500 CFS

Flows on Utah’s Lower Provo River are jumping around a bit. Deer Creek Reservoir is being controlled for water usage. If there is demand the flows go up, cooler weather or lower demand and the flows go down. The fish are taking it in stride though. Deer Creek is already down to 60% of capacity. This does not bode well for August fly fishing. If the water heats up just little and the currants start swirling in the reservoir we will start to see that silt being picked up and that grey color in the river, also the grass will start to grow inches a day. Enough of the potential bad news. Right now things are great. Good PMD and yellow Sallie stonefly hatches midday. Good caddis in the mornings and evenings. Nymphs that are working well- copper johns in various colors, Barr Emergers, Hunchbacks, split case PMD, rust color caddis pupa, Free living caddis patterns, San Juan’s, soft hackles in orange and yellow, Iron sallies and wired stoneflys. Dry’s- Elk hair caddis, Hemingway caddis, x-caddis, Goddard caddis, stimulators, PMX’s, Pmd cripple, Pmd para, and Befus emergers. With so much going on and a good amount of fishing pressure the fly fishing has become more drift sensitive than fly specific. If you are nymphing make sure you are getting the fly’s to the fish. Most fly fisherman we have been observing are not getting their rig weighted enough, especially when the river is at that 400-500 cfs level. I.E. bring some 3/0’s with you. Rafting is ridiculous on Fridays and the weekends and probably should be avoided unless you don’t mind waiting ten minutes for the traffic jams to go by.

Middle Provo 280-470CFS

The CUWCD has bumped the flows on the Middle Provo. Above the diversion caution should be taken when wading and crossing is not recommended. The rise in flows has slowed the hatches down and with it the quality of fly fishing. Let’s call it average right now. We should be seeing strong PMD and caddis hatches, but they are way less than that. Not to say you won’t have a good day but the quality of fish landed has dropped off. If you fish below Legacy Bridge expect a lot of whitefish. They are a lot less sensitive to higher water temps and will stay active. Your fly box should include- nymphs-small WD’40s, zebra midges, thread midges, barr emergers, poxy back Pmd, spring creek Pmd, scuds, and San Juan’s. Dries- Most any PMD patterns, stimulators, and caddis patterns. Not a lot going on in the dry arena. Hopefully that will change as more caddis get going and we get into the terrestrial season. We are starting to get a few takes on ants and beetles but not hoppers yet.

Weber 250cfs

For the most part the Weber has been fishing pretty good. Especially in the afternoons. Good Pmd hatches, and starting to see a rise in the amount of caddis and sallies around. They also raised the water on the Weber but it did not affect the fishing like it did on the Middle Provo. Very good dry fly fishing at times which is a bonus on the Weber. Good number of fish slurping in the back eddies and frog water. We have seen some very high quality fish being landed. In fact almost all the fish look extremely healthy given the low water they endured in the winter and spring. Grass is becoming an issue in a lot of spots but if you fish the channels between the weeds you will be rewarded. Flatten your barbs and have at it. Flies for the Weber- PT’s, barrs, hunchbacks, copper johns, feeding caddis, caddis pupa, Pmd cripple, stimulators, PMX’s, Hoppers, ants, beetles etc., etc.

Small Creeks, streams, Lakes and tailwaters near Park City, Utah

Most of our small freestone creeks as well as tailwaters like Soldier Creek and Currant Creek are at very low levels with high water temperatures. Be very careful when you handle the fish under these conditions. Fight the fish as short as possible, do not take it out of the net or water to remove the hook. Make sure the gills have water going over them at all times and make sure it is fully revived before release. If you like to go up to higher elevations to escape the heat in the valley to fish, try fly fishing one of the many Uinta lakes. Water temps stay relatively cool and fly fishing is good. A little hike in off Hwy 150 and you will be surprised how nice things are. Dry Dropper is the way to go with any attractor- stimulators, royal wulff, humpy’s, and a bead head nymph of choice. Stripping small streamers off the shores of the lakes has been very productive. Weather conditions can change rapidly so bring extra gear.


Hope to see you on the water,

Park City Anglers

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