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Lower Provo- Variable June Sucker Flows

Flows on Utah’s Lower Provo River are now being dictated by federal June Sucker flow recommendations. These will last until mid-June. We’ve had a mixed bag of snowpack this year with the higher elevations getting good snowpack in some spots and low in others. Mid elevation snowpack was below normal. Depending on whether we call this a dry year or moderate year flows will be between 400-800 CFS (see Chart below). Looks like right now they have chosen the moderate year. If this is true we should return to that desired 250-350 CFS around mid-June. When the flows start to come down the fishing should turn to incredible. It usually coincides with about the start of the PMD’s

Moderate Year Spring Hydrograph Recommendation

Fishing with sow bugs, and scuds will be the best options. A few caddis are also starting to show up. The Baetis are beginning to taper and should be all but gone soon. The fish will still stay on the imitations for a week or so after the end of the hatch. As the water rises a lot of the bankside leeches will get washed in the river. Use various color San Juans to imitate them. Streamers are a good option also. The good news is the higher flows flush out the sediment and make for great summer time fishing.

Middle Provo 160- 295 CFS

The Middle Provo River is still fly fishing very well with midges, scuds and still some Baetis in certain reaches. Dry fly fishing opportunities are starting to wane a little. Watch the flows below the diversion, small changes make a big difference in the quality of fly fishing that day. There are starting to be a few caddis down by Legacy Bridge and below. As we get a warming trend they should start to pop. The busy spring has already put the fish on notice and they are tending to get very picky. We are heading into that transition period where the fish get very opportunistic. Try fly fishing with a variety of different patterns. This time of year searching patterns work very well. The drift is a least as important as the flies you use .We have seen good nymphing from early morning till around 3:30pm and in all types of water but especially near drop- offs and pocket water. This year’s crop of frys become an important food source at this time. Try streamers early and late in the day. Work the seams very hard and keep the confidence. You will be rewarded.

Weber River 70CFS

They are keeping flows al little below normal for this time of year and are diverting a lot of water over to the Provo to help fill up Jordanelle Reservoir. The Brachycentrus caddis were starting to show up in good numbers before last week’s cool down. It will take a few warm days to get them going again. Keep your fingers crossed. This hatch is very hard to predict anyway. The weather is throwing in a good curve ball. Some days you will have a huge hatch and the fish don’t seem to care. Hopefully we will get in some good days yet. These are small dark colored caddis. Overall though fly fishing has been pretty good. These are great dry dropper levels for most of the river.Especially on cool days keep a good selection of scuds in your box and on your rig. A variety of colors is essential. Have some Brown, grey, olive, orange, and pink for sure. We were seeing pretty good stonefly’s. I think they still have a little ways to go. Check with a prince nymph in some of the faster riffles. You will see them show up with the caddis on the warmer late afternoons in some of the same water. We have been very impressed also with the trout to whitefish ratio. It’s been about 4 browns/bows to 1 whitefish. Good sizes too.

Small streams, creeks and tailwaters near Park City, Utah

For the most part lower and mid elevation streams are already down to fly fishing levels. Upper elevation waters are up and really have not peaked yet. Check flows on our related links page. The longer we have cool weather the more chance for a quick warm up which would send huge amounts of water down quick. Be very careful on the warmer days. The rivers can rise an incredible amount in just a few minutes. Stones, BWO and caddis are the predominate insects now.


Mercury baetis
Black Beauties (#20-24)
Dark Wired Stone
Bwo Barrs Emerger
Wd 40’s (grey, olive)
Ray Charles (#16-20)
Flash Back Scuds (#14-22)
Furimsky Feeding Caddis
San Juans
Hare’s Ear
Thread Midges
Prince Nymphs


Parachute Adams (#18-24)
Sparkle Duns (#18-20)
Blue Duns (#22)
Morgan’s Midge (#22)
CDC Baetis
Griffith’s Gnat (#20-22)
Para Midge (#22)
BWO Thorax
Elk Hair Caddis
E-Z Caddis



Hope to see you on the water

Park City Anglers

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