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Provo River

lg_13timpsThe Provo River is recognized as one of the top blue ribbon fly fishing streams in North America. With an easy 25 minute drive from Park City on Highway 40 you can be on the banks of the Provo with one of our guides. The river is divided into three sections, upper, middle, lower, all with their own unique personalities. The upper is a free flowing stream with its headwaters in the Unita Mountains east of Park City. It is a cutthroat and brook trout fishery with outstanding scenery. The Upper Provo flows into Jordonelle Reservoir at the old town of Hailstone (now covered by the reservoir). Below Jordonelle Dam is the tailwater Middle Provo which winds its way for 11 miles through the Heber Valley at an elevation of about 5500ft. .This is an incredible wild brown trout stream with and occasional rainbow or cutthroat. The completion of a large scale, nine year, restoration of this cobblestone river section has brought fish numbers to over three thousand per mile, with excellent public access. Water temperature is controlled at the dam and summer water temps rarely get much above 50 degrees and winter temps are in the mid thirties allowing for year round quality fishing. Temperature control allows for prolific, midge, baetis, stonefly, pale morning dun and caddis hatches, not to mention our famous western green drake hatch. At the southwest end of the Heber Valley the Provo River runs into Deer Creek Reservoir. The Lower starts below Deer Creek Dam at the head of Provo Canyon. This is a gravel bottom tailwater with large brown and rainbow trout. It also has very high fish numbers and is fishable year round. Recent highway work has made for better public access. At the bottom of the canyon the Provo River finds its way to the Olmstead diversion and then Utah Lake.

The Provo is a truly unique river and our guides can help you explore it. Whether you are a beginner or an expert the Provo can give you an experience you will remember. Click here to book a trip now!

lg_14lost horse lakeWeber River

The Weber River is another of Utah’s fly fishing blue ribbon gems. The river begins at the head of Weber Canyon outside the town of Oakley. It is mostly private land with limited access. Below the Rockport Dam near the town of Wanship is where things really get cranking. Private land owners and ranchers have participated in a walk- in access program that allows the public to reach the river via easements spread along the rivers path from Wanship to Echo, about 10 miles of river. The river near Wanship has some very large brown trout and the Department of Wildlife Resources has done fish counts with a 20” fish for every 50 ft. of river. As you work down river to the Echo Reservoir native cutthroat, and of course mountain whitefish are the bill of fare, with some rainbows thrown in for good measure. This river winds through farmlands and it is easy to cover a lot of water on your trip. The Weber is a great river for the
lg_11lost lake2family with easy wading and access all a mere 20 minute drive from Park City.

Other Streams

We have numerous other streams besides the Provo and Weber rivers all within a couple of hours of Park City. The Strawberry, Duchesne, Currant Creek and some other small creeks are well known by our guides and can provide an enjoyable full day fishing adventure.